Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Dyno at NAB2014

WOW!! What a great show.  This year, the stories surrounding Dyno were unbelievable.  So many firsts and a great adoption by the mainstream and international audience.

The first major story is that Dyno, paired with the GV LDX Extreme camera, allowed for the first time, non-stop record and playback of 6X content.  LDX was generating 360fps with stellar "Anylight" flicker compensation to virtually remove all flicker and creating a super clean replay on the Dyno.  The K2 Summit treated the content as fully normal material and let the operator tell slow motion stories with full ramping speeds from 0-200%.  One fun experience was to watch the customers' faces light up when they were shown the ability to share the 6X record feeds through ShareFlex on standard Dyno S systems.

Second was the incorporation of the AJA 4K Image Scaler ported through the Dyno S controller and using the brand new GV LDX Compact 4K camera, which gives the operator a more focused workflow, never needing to leave the Dyno control surface.  The video is actually available on the screen with pinch-zoom and finger gesturing interaction with the extraction tool.  One key producer story-telling tool that GV Software Lead Mark Hillebrandt invented specifically for this application is the ability to add keyframes to a clip that becomes a property of the clip.  This way, the keyframe path only needs to be created once, and when the clip is recalled at a later time, it is cued for POI focused story-telling each time.

There was a huge response to both EDIUS and TOG Sports graphic telestration that also runs right on the surface of the Dyno S controller.  EDIUS allowed for the quick access to all clips and playlists created by the Dyno operator and complex audio and video editing, then rendered with the Dyno S processors and exported to a Summit HotBin folder.  TOG Sports from RT Software was fantastic in no-render-waiting telestration graphics that proved the quickest method for adding lines, arrows, circles, spot zooms, spot shadows, and much more. It was a true favorite in the international sports market.

STRATUS integration with Dyno S stood in its own light as the award winning product it is migrating towards the sports and entertainment production segment using the knowledge gained from the superior position it has in the news market. Remote collaboration and cloud workflow delivered both a high and low resolution interface that proved, even in the LVCC halls with horrible data connection speeds all functionality can be attained.  This included cloud publishing of highlight clips to a web broadcast of a soccer match provided by "deltatre."
The interface was pretty slick on STRATUS, using metadata rules of automation that picked up on a clip created in Dyno, tagged for the internet, and transcoded and sent to deltatre. The tablet broadcast alerted the viewer on the timeline that a new replay was available for viewing.

The halls were packed this year, and it was estimated that up to three times the number of  visitors stopped by the freshly branded "Grass Valley - a Belden Brand" booth compared to years past.  But with the remarkable design and openness of the booth, there were no bottlenecks, and plenty of room for visitors to see all that they came to see at Grass Valley.  It was by far, the most enjoyable NAB in my 20 year history.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

6X Super SlowMo

Great week of testing Super Slow Motion at 6X speed recording paired with the new Grass Valley LDX WorldCam.

Spring Training in Arizona across 5 games (2 day and 3 night) for some incredible MLB action.  Everyone was impressed and "wowed" by what Dyno can do.

Total success in testing 6X cameras 1-in/1-out, 1-in/2-out, 2-in/1-out, 2-in/2-out, and finally on the last day in Columbus for NHL testing on FOX, was 1-in/2-out but with a twist. The neighboring show MSG was broadcasting in 1080i, therefore, one of the Dyno outputs were set to 720p for the home show, and 1080i for the visit.

Seamless to both the operator and the trucks taking the feeds for replay. Simply, POWERFUL!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Dyno - tOG at the PGA

A fun week for Dyno at the Accenture PGA Tour stop in Marana, Arizona.  First time for everyone, applying the new RT Software GV Sports application on the Dyno to golf.  Both pre-production and super quick replay turnaround workflows were used to enhance the viewer's experience.  Golf is an incredibly complex sport that needs to account for finely detailed influences.

Dyno and tOG helped expose the expert knowledge the talent brings to the broadcast and greatly clarifies the points being made.  It was great to see a desert setting in the middle of winter!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Dyno v3.2 out for download

The new update v3.2 for Dyno and 9.2 for Summit is live on the Grass Valley website for download.

This incorporates a list of great new features!

1. Full Multi-cam angle support for EDIUS and GV STRATUS - This means that all clips have their own properties.

2. Pre-roll / Post-roll - Back by popular demand, Grass Valley does listen to the user base out there.

3. Mark Pauses - add pause points on the fly, recue, and have the replay freeze on the spot.  Or add multiple pause points to each angle of a clip.  Super fast way to show the offsides in soccer.

4. Clip properties - each angle of a clip gets its own in/out points, name, rating, and metadata tags. As always, incredibly easy to add or modify this data.

5. Exposed Timecode Sources - K2 Summit has been recording various timecode tracks and now Dyno brings it to the user surface.  Make a choice of internal, external LTC, ANC VITC, ANC LTC, or User defined timecode and start recording.

6. Transition Ramping in Playlist - Now durations and off-speed frames are retained through the mix dissolve of clips in the playlist.

7. PGM/PVW Function change - When operating in PGM/PVW mode, the T-bar, Play button, and Jog knob play with the active P1 or P2 channel.  Again, GV is listening to the operators.

The Dyno experience continues to grow in great ways with each release.  A pleasure to be a part of this technology!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Dyno goes to the races!

Exploring yet another frontier, serving both broadcast and Judiciary Review at the same time, the K2 Dyno enters a new ShareFlex realm, racing among the ponies.
This setup delivers eight recordings from two K2 Summits at your fingertips. Performance is proven in ease of use, simple export and import of content without additional systems, being compact and less power hungry, Dyno comes in first by more than a few lengths.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

In the LAB

Just visited the Lab at Grass Valley to see some stellar improvements on the Dyno S interface being released in just a few weeks.
Cannot express how impressed I am with the engineering team in Hillsboro, Oregon.  Truly giddy about the end of January and using the new release in the field.  Check back to see the breakdown of what is being delivered.  Don't forget, if already using 9.0+ this is a FREE upgrade!!!

SVG NY Dec.2013

Another great showing at SVG NY near the end of 2013.  Huge response to the recent developments with RTSW's tOG software integration with Dyno S.  Drawing graphics (telestration), zooming, spot shadow, split screen, and much more proving Grass Valley is leading the pack in innovation.

Many visitors are impressed by and validating the direction Dyno is headed.  More to come in this year and fantastic stories to be seen at NAB 2014.